Student Female Sex Workers Tell about Their Job

Sex work is no longer a taboo subject in student circles. For example, a representative survey of London students has shown that 3.7 percent of secondary employment in the field of sex work is carried out or pursued. And almost 33 percent could imagine earning money while studying this way.

With ever-increasing rents and cost of living, it is no wonder that young people take “unusual” ways to end their studies not with a huge debt mountain. And the sex work also has various advantages: flexible working hours, good pay and sexual intercourse. On the other hand, there is a certain stigma as well as the associated hide-and-seek game in front of the classmates and the family.

For this article three young women have told us what it’s like to be a student and a sex worker at the same time.

Tiffany, 25

Basically, there are two types of customers: on the one hand, the rich sacks, who are familiar, and on the other, the losers who are just trying their luck. For example, a guy made me a Mexican. There I had to order during the happy hour and hung guacamole on his mouth for the rest of the evening. Then he told me that he was “reorienting himself professionally”, but would still like to go to a lingerie shop with me. Alright, bye!

On the other hand, another guy handed me a huge amount of money in a pub and then sent me a credit card when he was on a business trip a few weeks later. At this time we had not even had sex.

The benefits of my side income are really good: I can completely change my clothes every month and my first pay with a new customer goes for an expensive handbag or Louboutin. But most of the time the guys buy what I want anyway.

I have also traveled halfway across the world – whether Paris, Barcelona or Dubai. However, one should not stay too long in one place, otherwise the customer gets bored. That is sometimes tiring. In addition, I always have to dress sexy, wear perfect make-up and be in a good mood around the clock. Burps, farting and yawning are taboo, while I laugh about every bad joke. On top of that, I have to be willing to engage in sexual acts that I probably would not even do with a committed relationship partner. I mean, one day I’m still lying on my back and the next is a dildo in the ass. And I pretend to enjoy it all right. However, this year I have earned around 46,000 euros. So if you look good and can moan pleasurably, then you have taken care of it.

Adrianne, 24

I am originally from the USA and had no idea how expensive Europe would become. So, I ended up in a three-room apartment where six other people already lived. And yet I had to turn every penny twice. So I decided to try the whole escort thing and a classmate directed me to a suitable website.

I created a profile and in the first 24 hours I also got 25 messages directly. The requests were very different – from simple coffee drinking to sensual massages. My choice fell on a guy who made a nice impression and came over quite politely while writing. He was in his 30s because I did not want to have my first meeting with a guy that was too old. We finally arranged for a few drinks. While waiting for him in the bar, I felt totally uncomfortable and did not feel like a date at all. I also felt that everyone else knew exactly why I had come to the bar.

When the guy finally came in, I became directly paranoid. Although it was really about the man from the website, he had outwardly nothing resembling the profile pictures. During the conversation, I could not suppress the tremor in my voice. He also came too close to me and always seemed to have his hands somewhere on my body. That really scared me. He never turned away from me and always came up with some unpleasant riddles. He answered my simplest questions with these riddles, whose solutions were exclusively related to me, my body or my clothes.

Later he went to the bathroom. I used this opportunity and asked the bartender if there was another exit from the front door. He gestured nicely to the other side of the room and I ran outside with my coat in my hand. As I approached the bus stop, I suddenly heard someone yelling my escort name out loud. I turned around and saw the guy from the bar running towards me and saying that I could not go yet and he was not done yet.

Then I jumped in panic on the next best bus and I did not even care that I was driving in the wrong direction. Fortunately, I never saw the guy again.

Annabelle, 22

A friend introduced me to the escort world, because she had heard of students offering “escort” to make life easier for students. So I decided to try it out for myself.

I still date my first Sugar Daddy. We met for a coffee and understood each other immediately. It was then followed by a few dates without sex, so restaurant and opera visits. The night we slept together for the first time, I earned a good € 1,300 for normal vaginal intercourse, a blowjob and cunnilingus. Basically, sex did not feel any different than sex with the guys I normally date. The only difference was that my bed partner was almost twice my age and had a wife and children.

To date, I have earned just under 33,000 euros. In addition, I accompany my Sugar Daddy on his business trips. Normally, I then pass the time in cafes and restaurants, but sometimes he gives me his credit card and sends me on a shopping trip.

In bed, I’ve done quite nasty things with him, because he is on something like that. He likes to show himself submissive. In other words, I beat him, choke him and sometimes spit on him. That makes him horny.

I do not intend to stop sex work. From time to time the escort activity is also difficult for me – for example when I am interested in other men. Somehow, I have to finance my lifestyle. And this lifestyle is just more important to me right now than a solid relationship.